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payments solution built for your support workers, and your clients

For your business

Compliance sorted

Satisfy NDIS quality and safeguard standards

Stronger governance model

Real time spending visibility

Consistent financial process

Safer model for participants


For your clients

Safe, secure payments

Safer distribution of funds to support workers

Strength based spending approach 

Financial empowerment

Safeguards and fraud protection

Confidence & independence


For your support workers

Transparent spending

Eliminate expense reimbursement  claims

Safer spending method

No carrying cash

Automated reconciliation

Digital receipt submission


"SpendAble has enabled us to distribute funds to our support team for business & client expenses in a way that streamlines our governance and risk policies

Luke - Provider

"SpendAble means I no longer have to worry about using my own money and waiting for reimbursements, and gives the families I work with more comfort"

Rob - Support Worker


What you'll discover...

How you can eliminate expense reimbursements forever

How we save your team 100's of hours a year in admin time

How you can manage your client funds with digital payments

How we help you obtain and use real time transaction data

How all of this empowers your clients to live more confident and empowered lives


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