Is my money safe?

Your money is safe, and remains yours the whole time. If you ever need your money back you can request it at any time and if anyone tries to take it you are covered by SpendAble’s Card Money Guarantee. This means we insure that any money you put on the card will be returned to you if something goes wrong or someone tries to steal from you.

Who is this for?

Even though the spendable cards will be for everyone, the first Spendable app is aimed at 2 types of payment frustrations.


1.  People who have their support workers make payments for them. Take advantage of the support worker card feature where you set budgets and rules for support workers then they can make purchases when they fit in those rules. It also places all of the evidence of the transaction at your fingertips to review. 

2.    People with intellectual disability that want to have more access to their money in a supported and safe way. 
With automated budgeting and numeracy we have developed people’s skills so that they can independently transact by using a strengths based approach. By learning the Spendable process and collecting evidence you can handle almost any purchase from cup of coffee to an electricity bill. 


Do I get a card for each support worker?

Each support worker gets their own card which they are responsible for. That same card can connect to multiple participants through our app meaning that they don’t need to get a new card for every participant and if you get a new support worker that already has a Spendable card you can connect your budgets with them in minutes.

Can I connect this up to my current debit card?

SpendAble apps aren’t currently supported with all debit cards so we have chosen to run the apps on their own separate debit card network.

Is SpendAble covered by the NDIS?

SpendAble is an assistive technology so it is fully subsidised for anyone with an NDIS plan. You can claim it from consumables or low risk, low cost assistive technology.

Let us know if you need a quote or any evidence for your planning meeting. 

Is this a cashless welfare card? 

No, we don’t put card restrictions on that prevent you from using your money as cash. You get full control of the tools to support your spending and saving. You can still shop anywhere that cards are accepted and you can take out cash whenever you need it too.

How much does it cost?

It’s $550 to get set up on the SpendAble system. 

This includes issuing as many cards to your support workers to make sure they all have their own. 
There are no other costs for transactions or deposit fees. 

Will people be able to see my activity feed?

Your activity feed is completely private to and a guardian if you have one. It doesn’t go anywhere public ever.