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Spendable Spotlight: Keshia Aickin

Keshia Aickin, is currently in her final year of studying a Masters Degree of Occupational Therapy Practice at La Trobe University. Earlier in the year, Spendable presented via ZOOM to a small cohort of students and Keshia reached out to us to learn more about our assistive technology and offered us some valuable feedback. Keshia has been proactive in following Spendable's journey over the last few months so we wanted get in touch and ask her some questions about her career, goals and thoughts on Spendable.

What made you want to be an occupational therapist?

I wanted to be an occupational therapist because I am a naturally extroverted person with a passion to contribute to the wellbeing of others. I believe these aspects of my personality align perfectly with the role of occupational therapy as it is a person-centred health profession that focuses on individuals’ strengths, passions and personal goals.

I have seen the impact occupational therapists have had first-hand and the way they make sessions meaningful to the individual, which leads to developing a bond with patients/clients that seems more like a friendship than a typical patient-health professional dynamic. This is something that really appealed to me.

What sector specifically do you want to enter and why?

After graduating, I hope to go into the community occupational therapy sector to get experience with a wide range of age groups and conditions. This would mean instead of a typical hospital setting, I would have sessions in people’s homes and within the wider community. I think the variety in community occupational therapy would challenge me every day and that’s something I need to stay stimulated and satisfied when working.

What are your impressions about Spendable and how could it help your future clients?

I think Spendable is innovative, accessible and just makes so much sense. I have learned that a large aspect of my role as an occupational therapist will be to support individuals to bridge the gap between what they can do now and what they want to do – Spendable is a tool that can be essential in this process.

I think this app will be particularly helpful for future clients who have grown up with limited financial independence. Spendable will help these people improve their financial literacy and work towards financial independence. This process is likely to be empowering for the person and can help them gain control over their life, which can increase their self-esteem and confidence.

If you're like Keshia and think Spendable can have an impact on the people you support, request a demo with our team today.

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