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Spendable Spotlight: Jaydan Tjong (PhysioChoice)

Introducing Jaydan Tjong, a young and enthusiastic Physiotherapist who has recently completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at Monash University and is currently working full time at PhysioChoice, across 2 clinics in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

About Me:

I always had an interest in science growing up, particularly health sciences, including topics relating to the human body such as anatomy, biology and physiology. In addition to this, I love being active and grew up around sports my whole life which has motivated me to try maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When it came to thinking about and deciding what career path to pursue whilst going through high school, the main thing I wanted to achieve no matter what was to make a difference in people’s lives. Physiotherapy appealed to me as it blended perfectly my interests in science and physical activity, while offering the special opportunity to be a health advocate and to work with people to help them achieve their goals, ultimately striving to make a positive impact on their lives.

Working in private practice I am exposed to a large variety in terms of the types of patients I see, including those with disabilities: both physical and/or intellectual, young and old. Working with individuals with disabilities has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding so far. As most patients are long-term I am able to get to them quite well, track their progress over time and form friendships both with my patients and their families.

Overview of PhysioChoice and Mission:

PhysioChoice is an extension of Gippsland Physiotherapy Group with several clinics throughout Melbourne – mostly in the eastern and northern suburbs, making it one of the largest private physiotherapy businesses in Australia. We cater to a large demographic of patients offering services for general physiotherapy, sports-related injuries, corporate health and those with disabilities under the NDIS both in the clinic or via a mobile service (home visits, hydrotherapy, etc).

For all our patients our mission remains the same: "to help them achieve their full functional capacity and realise their potential and goals to enable a higher quality of life."

Jaydan participated in an online demo, so we asked him about his initial impressions of Spendable, and how it may benefit his NDIS participants.

A big reason why SpendAble appealed to me is that its main goal or mission aligning with mine as a physiotherapist – to promote independence in people with disabilities. Although through different avenues; mine from a physical and functional perspective whilst SpendAble aims to safely enhance the financial literacy of its users, both help contribute to enabling greater overall independence for people with disabilities in the community.

The team behind SpendAble is also very interesting. They're coming from the participant angle. The key decision makers are people with disability or they are people that have all worked deeply in the disability sector so they're trying to build this from the community out not just coming in from the outside and trying to force it onto people.

Overall, I think SpendAble is a big difference to what banks and other payment companies are offering. We hear a lot about the social model and removing societal barriers and I feel like that is what SpendAble is doing. It's applying that model to the payment experience to empower more people. They might not have every barrier covered but it seems like they are working on future apps which might meet the preferences and requirements of more participants.

If you are an allied health professional like Jaydan, and would like to reach out to Spendable for a FREE demo, click here:


PhysioChoice 'Put Yourself In the Hands You Can Trust'

You can find out more information on their website: and also can book an appointment online.

To contact Jaydan directly his email is:

Alternatively, you can contact the clinics Jaydan works at; Mulgrave: 9547 1406, or Knoxfield: 7018 3172, and the receptionists will be more than happy to help out with any enquiries.

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