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Spendable Spotlight: Billy Hosni (NB Allied Health)

Introducing Billy Hosni, a Sydney based physiotherapist. Billy has had several years of experience in a variety of different clinical settings, including private practice, occupational health, rehabilitation, aged care and disability health.

About Me:

In my early childhood, I had difficulties with learning, which affected my confidence and self-esteem. I was considered a slow learner, poor reader and writer, to the point that throughout primary school I was in the English as a Second Language (ESL) class.

Fortunately, I was physically healthy and a great athlete, which kept me from losing faith in my capabilities and belief in myself. After suffering several sports injuries, I was inspired by my physiotherapist, his knowledge and ability to help others. This is what drove me to step up my game, focus on my education and ultimately led me to become a physiotherapist.

People living with disabilities have more day to day challenges than most and I know the direct impact that physical health has on a person's confidence, self esteem and overall wellbeing. Which is why I want to be able to help people living with disabilities reach their physical goals and live life to the fullest.

Overview of NB Allied Health and Mission:

NB Allied Health is a NDIS mobile physiotherapy provider helping adults living with disabilities breakthrough physical barriers to achieve their goals and live with a higher quality of life.

We are based in the Inner West but service areas around Sydney including: CBD, Sydney West and South West.

Our mission is to inspire people living with disabilities to realise their potential, reach their physical goals and live life to the fullest.

As Australians, we are lucky to be blessed with access to clean water, food and education. NB Allied Health want to contribute and have a greater impact on the world and those that are less fortunate, hence a portion of our profits are donated to charities around the world to gain access to clean water and education.

NB Allied Health offers three promises to all of their participants:

1. No travel charge.

2. Satisfaction guaranteed - If the participant is not satisfied within the first two sessions, we do not charge.

3. No lock-in: if a participant no longer needs our services, it is stopped immediately (no notice period required).

NB Allied Health are also committed to contributing through donation:

- When we welcome a new participant, we provide 365 days/1 year of access to clean water for disadvantaged people in the world.

- For every session we complete with a participant, we provide 1 week of education for children in the world.

Billy participated in an online demo, so we asked him about his initial impressions of Spendable, and how it may benefit his NDIS participants.

Here is what he had to say...

The Spendable demo was great and really informative. The Spendable team are filled with people who are passionate and are really want to help and make an impact on people's lives through creating this accessible and innovative spending and budgeting tool.

The Spendable card is helpful in many ways. Some of our participants aren't great with their finance and budgeting, so this will help them create a more regimented spending plan and limit overspending.

It will also provide security when allowing others to use their card for purchases as they will only have an allocated budget for each spend. I believe it may also be a great tool to train participants on budgeting and taking control of their own spending when it was unattainable in the past.

Businesses working in the industry would be able benefit from this program as they can provide staff with cards allocated to specific clients reducing the need to change cards frequently, reducing errors and outside of budget spending.

If you are an allied health professional like Billy, and would like to reach out to Spendable for a FREE demo, click here:


NB Allied Health are the ‘leading experts’ in NDIS community physiotherapy.

There are several ways you can get in contact with us or enquire.

Visit our website:

Mobile: 0450365563


For direct referrals can be completed online:

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