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SpendAble, One Card

You start the morning supporting Andrew with a chat and coffee, you get past lunch and support Andrea to get out and buy her new dress and then you finish your day with Stevie getting the grocery shopping done.

The reality of this is 3 families to ask for money from, 3 wallets to carry, 3 different purchases, receipts, evidence, change and giving it all back in 3 different ways at 3 different times. Then you forget Andrew's wallet in your car and you need to drop it back at the end of your shift with Stevie.

SpendAble simplifies the whole process. You are issued 1 card which goes directly to you. The SpendAble app then connects your card to the budgets of all the people you support. You never have to work out change again. You never have to worry about collecting or dropping off a wallet ever again. You can load it to you Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet and never have to worry about losing it.

With SpendAble you check the budget to see if there's enough money for a coffee, you take a picture of the new dress to add to show what is being bought and then you capture the receipt showing what you spent the grocery money on. All of this is budled into one app so that all of the evidence of that transaction stays in one place that you and the person you support can access later on.

SpendAble will streamline your work with handling money on behalf of the people you support as well as provide you and them peace of mind with the inbuilt features that allow a story to be built around each transaction.

Sign up now and for a limited time get a free support worker debit card and access early bird promotions for support workers and participants.

Get one card to support all spending with SpendAble.

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