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How Contactless and Digital Payments Are Possible for People With Disability in a Post-COVID World

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more shops, restaurants and essential services are moving to cashless transactions only, removing the possibility of cash being able to be used. It is important to consider who could impacted by these changes and the barriers it creates.

In reality, not everyone has the financial capacity or skills to use traditional banking products and have therefore relied on cash in order to make day-to-day payments and integrate with society.

This shift to a cashless world could be confronting and daunting for people with disability and elderly people as they may be forced into using a payment system that does not suit their needs or abilities and places them at risk of financial misuse or theft.

Therefore it is evident that change is required, via the introduction of a cashless payment solution that takes into account these challenges, and effectively addresses them to create a safe and tailored payment experience that meets the individuals needs.

This is where SpendAble has stepped and developed a safe and supported payment solution that solves this problem. Here is how we've done it:

  • SpendAble has been able to build a smart payments platform with specific input about the payment challenges, and desired experiences by working closely with participants, support workers and families to address their direct needs.

  • SpendAble is a cashless payment solution that removes the numeracy and calculations, instead taking a process driven approach to transacting that creates consistency in all spending experiences - something traditional debit card programs don’t do.

  • SpendAble has also built a shared payments network that allows trusted supporters to connect with participant accounts in order to access approved funds for transactions.

“SpendAble has not only provided a way for my family to move away from cash transactions during COVID, but also allowed my son and I to better distribute money to support workers when my son requires them to make purchases for him. We have complete visibility on how our money is being spent, and our sense of safety and trust with my son’s support workers has benefited significantly.”

- Irene (SpendAble User & Parent)

Try SpendAble here with a 30 day free trial:

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