What's Spendable?

Spendable is the only individualised strengths based approach to transactions. We connect apps to debit cards to deliver practical ways to improve accessibility and inclusion in the economy for disabled people. We’ve designed tools and features that you can choose to combine in whatever way suits you to achieve your inclusive way to pay. Don’t let stubborn banks push their technology on you with their one size fits all approach. Spendable is here to provide a tailored spending and saving experience.

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Smart Budgets

SpendAble gives you a fully customisable set of budget tools so that you can set them up to support your strengths. Some people set their budgets for each day, or they set them in categories like groceries, entertainment and transport. Budgets can also be customised to be spent at a trusted store for example making sure that money for bills are going to only be spent at your local Australia post.


Support Worker Cards

Never worry about handing out cards or cash to support workers ever again. Support workers are issued their own card with all purchases they make then tracked through the app. They can collect all of the evidence in one place for you to see and you’ll be protected by Spendable’s money safety guarantee if a support worker misuses their card using your money.


Automated numeracy and budgeting

SpendAble’s process automates all of the numeracy and budgeting from the process so that our users can concentrate on their strengths. Users can learn the fundamentals of the transaction and then apply them on any purchase at any store that accepts Visa cards. During the process all of the relevant information is captured so that transactions can be reversed or investigated if needed too.

Create a transaction story

Capture all of the relevant information for transactions in the Spendable app. With the ability to tag photos, a receipt and notes to each transaction a story is being developed. That story creates relevance to every transaction beyond just a business name and numbers on a page like most statements.


Trusted Visa Network

SpendAble is built on the largest card provider network in the world means that you can spend your money anywhere that Visa is accepted. You deserve to be able to spend your money wherever you want to.


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